Heavy Duty Wood Lathe - AH-60

  • Light Duty Automatic Copy Shaper Machine, Copy Shaper Machine
Product Description

The AH-60 light duty automatic copy shaper machine presents extremely smooth cutting performance. The maximum diameter of cut on this unit is Ø6" to Ø 60". maximum square of cut is Ø45". constructed of single cutterhead with powerful 10 HP motor drive, the Ø 40" diametre of table is driven by a DC motor, permitting for variable speed adjustment, and making it ideal for cutting complicated profiles. the machine is standardly built with a center clamp for single station work like chair seat, and desk...etc. multiple air clamps is available for multi-station work such as chair arm, and cabinet...etc.

Copy Shaper Machine Working Size:

  • Dia 152~1524 m/m (6"~60")
  • 152~1078m/m (6"~42 1/2")
  • Min:152x304m/m (6"x12")
  • Max:765x1318m/m (301/8"x52")
Product Specifications

Copy Shaper Machine

Workpiece Diameter 6"-60"Ø
Maximum Square 42"
Maximum (Rectangle) 3.5:1
Table Diameter 40"Ø
R.P.M of Table Infinitely 0-3/min
H.P. of Table Motor DC, 2HP
P.P.M. of Cutter Head 9000 rpm
Cutter Head Motor Power 10HP
Cutter Arbor Diameter 1-1/4"Ø or 30mmØ
Max. Cutter Diameter 7"Ø
Follwer Roller Diameter 110 mmØ
Overall Machine Size 52"x73"x70"
Net Weight (KGS) 1300
Gross Weight (KGS) 1700
Packing Size 56"x79"x83"