Automatic Copy Lathe - AH-301

  • Automatic Copy Lathe, Worldmax Automatic Copy Shaper Machine AH-301
Product Description

This light duty automatic copy Lathe is capable of cutting workpiece diameter from Ø 3" to Ø 30". maximum square of cut is 21". the single cutterhead is driven by a 10 HP motor. the Ø 23" diameter of table is driven by a DC motor, permitting for variable speed adjustment, and making it ideal for cutting complicated profiles. the machine is standardly built with a center clamp for single station work like chair seat, and desk...etc. multiple air clamps is available for multi-station work such as chair arm, and cabinet parts...etc.

Working Size:

  • Dia 65~765m/m(2 9/16"~30")
  • 65~540m/m(2 9/16"~21 1 /4")
  • Min:65x130m/m(2 9/16"x5 1/8")
  • Max:380x650m/m(15"x25 5/8")
Product Specifications

Auto Copy Shaper

Workpiece Diameter 3"-30"Ø
Maximum Square 21"
Maximum (Rectangle) 2:1
Table Diameter 23"Ø
R.P.M of Table Infinitely 0-3/min
H.P. of Table Motor DC, 1HP
P.P.M. of Cutter Head 9000 rpm
Cutter Head Motor Power 10HP
Cutter Arbor Diameter 30 mmØ
Max. Cutter Diameter 7"Ø
Follwer Roller Diameter 110 mmØ
Overall Machine Size 44"x38"x67"
Net Weight (KGS) 800
Gross Weight (KGS) 950
Packing Size 52"x40"x74"