Stroke Sander for Metal HS-24/HS-36/HS-48

  • Stroke Sanders - HS-24
  • Hand Stroke Sander - HS-36A
  • Stroke Sander for Sale - HS-48A
  • Stroke Sanders - HS-24
  • Hand Stroke Sander - HS-36A
  • Stroke Sander for Sale - HS-48A

Stroke Sander for Metal

A stroke sander is a machine designed to sand flat and large metal objects. A stroke belt sander comprises three parts: a large table holding the workpiece, a sanding belt, and a guideway rail with accessories mounted in the middle. On the guideway, a pressure plate is mounted. During the sanding process, this plate puts pressure on the workpiece while the sanding belt is turning. Some stroke sanders have a handle on the pressure plate controlling the contact between the plate and the workpiece and also the pressure on the belt.

Worldmax single belt stroke sanders can be used for polishing, brushing, deburring, descaling, and hairline polishing. Our stroke sanders are manually operated sanding machines for metal; these machines are suitable for small-volume, large variety production.

These stroke sanders are ideal for machining components for both consumer products and industrial equipment; some examples are bicycle brake shoes, panels for power distribution boxes, and grinding sinks. The maximum workpiece width can reach 2400 mm. We customize stroke sanders for our customers to cater to various metal machining needs. Our single belt stroke sanders can be further equipped with various accessories. Contact Sheng Yu now to discuss your stroke sander specifications!

Stroke Sanders Specifications:

Sanding Speed 1000 rpm 1000 rpm 1000 rpm
Abrasive Belt Size 158" x 4" 204" x 4" 250" x 4"
Table area 48" x 24" 72" x 24" 96" x 24"
Table Height From Floor 850 mm 850 mm 850 mm
Motor 3 HP 5 HP 5 HP


Hand Stroke Sanders Option:

A: Dust bucket
S: ARM type pressure plate
L: Linear motion guide pressur plate
H: Pneumatic type semi-auto pressure plate
I: Frequency inverter
V: Vacuum suction cup
W: Water cooling (cooling device)
Opion: Dust colleetor, Sanding belt