Auto Cut Off Saws

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Product Description
Auto Cut Off Saw HxW AL-18DL Optional Accessory Length Stop
  • 25x300 mm
  • 50x275 mm
  • 75x250 mm
  • 100x250 mm
  • 135x200 mm
AL-18DL (Optional accessory)
1.Control panel
2.Hard chrome plated table
Length Stop
LED for Cut to Size Standard Accessory on AL-18
LED for cut to size Standard accessory on AL-18 (45° fence)  


Product Feature

Product Specifications

Auto Cut Off Saw - AL-18

Cutting Angle 45° & 90°
Saw Blade Size Ø 1" x 18"
Height of Cut 135 mm
Width of Cut 300 mm
Table Height 850 mm
Spindle Motor 3 HP (5HP OP.)