Fully Automatic Cut Off Saw

  • Fully Automatic Cut Off Saw, Auto Cut Off Saw Machine
Product Description

Fully Automatic Cut Off Saw feature

  • Cutting Feed: Linear reciprocating motions. Moves on linear guide ways. Hydraulic drive.
  • Cutting Speed: Adjustable by speed control valve with graduated indication.
  • Oil Splash: Automatic oil mist lubrication. Oil splash amount and time are adjustable.
  • Automatic Feeder: Fully automatic hydraulic feed system.
  • Cutting Motions: Fast infeed sizing. Low speed positioning. Workpiece clamping, Cutting finish. Return sizing. Fast return. Low speed positioning. Clamp release. Infeed and return speed are adjustable with manual/automatic operation change.
  • Cutting Size Positioning: Manual screw adjustment with graduated indicatiion. Micrometric adjustment for size positioning.
  • Feed Drive: Hydraulic feeding and clamping with automatic positioning.
Product Specifications

Fully Automatic Cut Off Saw Specification

Feeding Movement 0~50 mm
Saw blade size Ø 1" x 18"
Height of Cut 130 mm
Width of Cut 200 mm(310,380,600mm OP.)
Table Height 850 mm
Spindle Motor 10 HP
Hydraulic Motor 2 HP

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