Metal Cutting Saw Machine - OL-1812/OL-2416

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Metal Cutting Saw Machine - OL-1812/OL-2416
  • OL-1812


  • OL-2416


 Metal Cut Off Saws Feature
  • Built-in sawblade for low noise and safety operation.
  • Foot switch provides automatic clamping and cutting operations.
  • Equipped with 12cm rubber clamping pad to avoid damage.
  • Single or multiple workpiece can be cut at a time.
  • Infeed fence enhance cutting accuracy.
Metal Cut Off Saws - OL-1812/OL-2416Auto Cut off Saw
 Metal Cut Off Saws Specifications
Cutting Angle 90° 90°
Saw Blade Size Ø18" Ø18"(24")
Height of Cut 135 mm 200 mm
Width of Cut 300 mm 400 mm
Table Height 85 mm 850 mm
Spindle Motor 10 HP 10 HP
Hydraulic Motor 2 HP 2 HP